Cannot properly play fourcc [DIVX] content in WMP10 + WMV playback problem



Modern hardware, WinXP SP2, WMP10 Final, Windows Media
Codecs 9 (latest), DivX Pro 5.2.1 (same problem with 5.2)

Here's the 1st problem: in any other media player fourcc
div3,div4,divx,dx50 (all divx types) videos play just
fine, in WMP10 no problem with any of the above fourccs
except for DIVX (OpenDivX (DivX 4.0 and later)); video
AND audio playback is significantly slowed down (audio
distorted), no excessive cpu usage, never had this
problem with WMP9.

2nd problem: 100% cpu usage (by wmplayer.exe) during wmv
files playback, again never had this issue with WMP9

Now thinking of downgrading back to version 9...


The first issue seems to be caused by MONO audio tracks in these movie files.
WMP10 somehow can't properly handle such videos although it can play the
video separately if saved without audio and the audio separately if demuxed
from the movie file. Hope they at MS will hear us and fix this.

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