cant play avi files in media player!!!!!!!



version: 11.0.6000.6344
edition: windows vista home premium
im trying to play an avi file in media player and have only sound no picture
this happens on all avi files i try to play why is this happening and how
can i
play these files in media player?
no error message

dank chooda

Each media player has its own patenant codec. You need to download the divx
player at Avi files is a divx codec. Once you download the
player, all the codecs for avi files will be in your computer. Then if you
want to still use the media player to watch avi files, go into options, file
types then check the avi box. I suggest using I-tunes for any audio you will
play. While you are in "file types" in the media player. Uncheck any box
that is not a windows player file, (it will tell you in the description of
that particular file). Mpg or mpeg is a real player file. Any of those file
types, uncheck and let real player be the default for those filese. wmv and
wav files are for the media player. default those to the media player. I
suggest - Uncheck Avi files in any player you have except the divx player.
Let divx be the default for avi. Divx has much better sound and video than
any other player and its free, and it is a microsoft product so it is safe.
Quicktime is an apple product and can be useless in a pc. Unfortunatly, you
need it if you have Itunes. i hope this helped.


Hi, my name's Cody, and i'm working with the Windows Media Outreach Tea
to help answer questions folks might have about their copies of Window
Media Player. If you'd rather keep using WMP instead of having t
download an all new video player, I’d recommend downloading a code
tool that will analyze your particular video file and tell you exactl
what codec(s) you’ll need to play the files.

These tools will analyze your file and tell you exactly what you nee
to get it going.

Here are a couple of free tools that will do this for you: Gspo
( and Sherloc
( Both of thes
work great, and using these on your particular file will tell you wha
codecs you need to get a file running properly, without making yo
download anything that you don’t need.

You might want to check out this page, as it gives you a great genera
explanation of what exactly codecs do and how to find/use them

I hope this is helpful, let me know if any of these work for you! I
you’re still having trouble, I’ll dig around and see if something els
might work.


Windows Media Outreach Team


I'm having a problem with windows media player 11. It keeps playing my avi
and windows movie files out of sync the video and audio never plays in sync.
The video comes first then the audio I don't know if this is out of sync or
if its choppy but the player is pissing me off. I hate windows media player.


you may try this mediaplayer. E.M. Total Video Player
No need install any video codecs with this small size's tool to play
almost any media formats!
Absolutely free, very powerful!
Total Video Player is a media player supporting 3gp, Mp4, H264, Mov,
Flv and all other popular video and audio formats (Mp3, Wma, Ogg,
Mpeg-1,Mpeg-2, etc.) as well as DVDs, CD Audio and Swf Flash Files.
Supports the following file formats:
Video Formats:
MPEG4 (.mp4)
H264/AVC mpeg4(.mp4)
3gp(.3gp, 3g2)
WMV (.wmv)
Zune (.wmv)
ASF (.asf)
SAMSUNG L55W DC (.mp4)
CASIO (.avi)
KODAK DC V550 (.mov)
iPod mpeg4 mov (.mov)

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