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I just installed Windows XP Pro SP3, and when I rebooted, my display theme
reverted back to the old Windows 2000 classic theme. The original Windows
installation was Windows XP Pro SP2, so there's never been any hint on this
computer of Windows 2000. The display theme does indicate it is set to
Windows XP (the default blue theme). I even tried to change it to Olive Green
then to Blue again hoping to trigger a change, but no success.

Is this an SP3 issue or is there something I can change in my configuration?





More info:

The Windows XP Style selection under Windows and Buttons in the Appearance
tab of the Desktop Properties dialog box is missing. Only Windows Classic
Style is there. This was there before installing SP3.

I also noticed another issue, when dragging a window the window's display
during the drag operation is not "smooth". Rather it is jittery, and seems to
repaint in a kind of a "wavy" way.


Check Kelly's Korner -

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to Windows Classic (Line 214)

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Themes (Won't Load or only Windows Classic is listed)

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Windows/Buttons Greyed Out under Appearance Line 214

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