Windows XP repair - What exactly does it need to show up the syste



Maybe it doesnt matter what kind of Windows Operatingsystem... but in my case
its Win XP.
My Problem is, after last use of Windows Reparation my Harddisk forgot all
the Partiondata. The HDD seemed getting empty...
So my only choice was to recover the data with Easy Recovery, before I
created new Partions.

Now all data are back on HDD, but of course the OS is not ready to run.
So I used fixmbr, fixboot and checked the boot.ini... unfortunately it wasnt
enough to run again.

Next turn was to use the Windows Repair Funktion of the CD... Problem is ,
it doesnt show up.
Obviously the Windows Installion cant be found !

So my question is, what Information... what Data do the Reparation need to
show me my Windows Installation as a "repair ready" System.
Obviously its not the boot.ini and not the Windows Folder... so what is it ???

Somewhere I read it could be a Problem with SP3, the Repair Option dont show
up !?
Any chance to getting that system alive !?
Normally I wouldnt think about it and re-install the system... but in this
case it means a lot of work !
Hope to get some useful informations...




if your windows on the harddrive
is version sp3,

then you cannot do a "repair installation"
with a winxp sp2 cd.

both windows have to be the same
version for "repair installation" to

however, your winxp cd can initiate
the recovery console.

the recovery console is version
friendly and can work even it
the version of the cd doesn't
match the version on the hard

just boot up with a winxp cd,
select repair and the recovery
console will launch.

once you get to the disk prompt
run the following commands in
this order>:

chkdsk /r

the "exit" and remvoe cd and
see if you can boot windows
normally again.

if not, then you may have to do
a more work to get a functional
windows back online.

incidentally, how did you mess up
your windows anyways?

also, if you have access to another
computer that has a functional windows
you could make a slipstream cd of sp3.

merging the sp3 file with your sp2
cd files will provide you with a new
sp3 cd in which you can initiate a
repair installation on your sp3 system.

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You do not say exactly what happens when the computer does not boot. You
could have a hardware or software problem. You seem to be concentrating
on a software solution when the problem could be hardware related?

Does the BIOS recognise the hard drive?

What was the original problem before you attempted a repair?

Are you seeing any error messages? Describe exactly what occurs when you
try to boot.


Hope this helps.

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