Windows XP Norton Antivirus / SYMEVENT.SYS blue screen




I have three Windows XP computers:

Windows XP Professional SP2, Norton Antivirus 2004
HP Compaq nx9010 Pentium 4 M 256MB DDR.

Windows XP Professional SP1, Norton Antivirus 2003
Chaintech 6ATA2, Intel Celeron 500MHz, 256MB SDRAM.

Windows XP Home SP1, Norton Antivirus 2003
Gigabyte GA-6WMMC7, Intel Celeron II 800MHz, 384MB SDRAM.

....that are all frequently (but not always) throwing IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL
STOP blue screens regarding SYMEVENT.SYS when shutting down or restarting.

It doesn't seem to matter how long they have been switched on for, how much
the PC has been used for, if any files have been scanned manually or which
user logs on.

All are:

As far as LiveUpdate and Windows Update are concerned, fully up-to-date.
Using NTFS, of which all drives have been chkdsk'ed.
Free of virus or spyware infection.
Free of other repeating problems of this nature.
Using SEVINST version (files version which is at time
of posting up-to-date.
Using good RAM as per memtest+ with at least seven passes without a single

I've also tried ensuring temporary (+Internet files) are removed before

On all three I have manually removed all instances of SEVINST's files from
any folders and registry keys, then reinstalled SEVINST according to
Symantec's instructions regarding this matter:

"Error: "ErrorMessage: IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL STOP. . ." occurs after
installing the Symantec Event Manager Driver on Windows XP"
(beware URL wrap)

I have then manually ensured that all SEVINST files in all folders are of
the new version, which they all are.

Sometimes I have even stopped any Symantec service and killed any running
Symantec processes before shutdown/restart, still happens.

I've found all sorts of other instances of people with this problem on the
Internet, but haven't seen one which has any more suggestions or a cure.

It'd be really appreciated if anyone could:

Give me a suggestion to solve the problem, even if it's a long shot.
Ask for more information if it'll help a suggestion.
Reply here if they've having the same problem, and if they have taken
similar steps to myself.
Donate some stress balls to calm me down ;-)

I'd rather replies to the group for the benefit of others, but if you'd
rather contact me by email: aD at simply peachy dot co dot fish.
It's uk instead of fish :) (antispam munging)




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