Windows Xp Contant Restart Problem



Hey, I am just writing this to try and get some information for a friend of
mine. His father is pretty computer illiterate and well he was using it for
an hour or so, and when my friend came back, his computer won't stay in
windows for more than 5 or so seconds without restarting.

I am not sure what his father might have done, but if he opens an
application up say a game, before it restarts... it seems to last alright for
a while. As you can probably tell, he doesn't want to have to open games n
stuff to keep windows active.

I am just wondering is there anything that might cause this constant restart
his dad could've got from using his hotmail? Say some sort of attachment he
had no idea was bad or something? Would a clean install of XP fix it do you

All information is greatly appreciated

Wesley Vogel

This won't fix your problem, but it'll keep your machine from rebooting.

Unless the rebooting is caused by a hardware problem.

It may also help reading a BSOD. Blue Screen Of Death.

Choosing recovery actions if Windows stops unexpectedly.

Right click My Computer | Properties | Advanced tab |
Click the Settings button under Startup and Recovery |
Under System Failure | UNCheck: Automatically restart |
Click OK | Click Apply | Click OK

Automatically restart
[[Specifies whether Windows will automatically reboot whenever the system
stops unexpectedly.
You must be logged on as a member of the Administrators group to set
recovery options.]]

Hope this helps. Let us know.

MS-MVP Windows Shell/User


Gerry Cornell


Isn't this suggestion easier?

Can you provide a copy of the Stop Error Report?

Disable automatic restart on system failure. This should
help by allowing time to write down the STOP code properly.
Keep pressing the F8 key during StartUp and select option
- Disable automatic restart on system failure.

Do not re-enable automatic restart on system failure until
you have resolved the problem. Check for variants of the
Stop Error message.



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