Windows XP books with trial?



Hi there,

I'm wondering if anyone knows the name of a book that comes with a trial
version of Windows XP (professional, or home edition, it does not matter). I
read that the 180-day trial is no longer available for download from, but that there are a few books that come with an XP trial CD.



Jupiter Jones [MVP]

What is your source for 30 days?
The documentation on the site says 120 days as well I have known many that
have used it far more than 30 days.

Jupiter Jones [MVP]

OK, I found the discrepancy.
We are both correct...sort of.
That article refers to the 2nd edition.
My information refers to the Windows XP CD shipped with the 1st edition.
To verify I dug out my 1st edition book and installed the evaluation CD.
It expires 21 December 2006.
So at some point Microsoft changed from 120 days to 30 days.

Apparently the OP will only get 30 days with a new book.

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