Windows XP 64 - Post installation boot troubles: Video drivers?



AMD Athlon64 3000+
EPoX 8KDAJ+ nForce 3 250GB
ATi Radeon 9600XT
512MB PC400
2X 120GB WD EIDE (not running RAID or SATA)

Dual booting:
Windows XP Home is on Disk(0)
Windows XP 64 is on Disk(1)

XP64 installs fine. After the process is over it goes into the first boot of
the new OS. I see the loading screen and almost immediatly the PC reboots.
When I select XP64 from the boot screen the next time I am able to choose
"Boot into Safe Mode" and XP64 will load without any problems.

I had a small victory when I uninstalled the ATi 9600XT drivers while in
Safe Mode. XP64 was able to complete the first boot. Windows installed the
Microsoft supplied drivers for the video card. I restarted and again I was
unable to boot into a regular XP64 session. I tried to process again; Safe
Mode, uninstall device, reboot into regular session. This time I installed
the ATi beta XP64 drivers. I'm still unable to reboot into a working session
of Windows XP 64 again.

I've tried reinstalling XP64 three. I downloaded and burned another copy of
the ISO from Microsoft. I've run the installation without any peripheral
devices (sound card, TV card, PCI NIC, etc.). Still nothing. I believe the
problem lies with the video card.

Windows XP Home ran perfectly before this, ran perfectly during and is still
running perfectly after. I'm fairly certain it is not a hardware conflict or

Any hints, tips, ideas?



Excuse me, just found the XP64 dedicated Newsgroup. Didn't know it existed
until I put in some effort and looked ;)

Sorry fellas! Thanks!

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