Windows was unable to connect to the network



Using Win2003 Server. Setup a VPN server using the wizard. Opened port 1723
on my Linksys WVRS4400N router. The server is doing DHCP. Did this a
million times, on this server, won't work.

From a XP Pro workstation, I setup my new connection. Once completed I
enter a username and password. When I hit ok to connect, I can see the box
appear that show's it's verifying the connection. Looks like it's going to
get in, and I get a box.

The box says :"Windows was unable to connect to the network using the user
name and password you provided. Please re-enter the user name and password."
The box has a line for user name, password, and domain.

I've been using the admin credentials for the server. Then I tried a series
of users that have been setup in AD.

Can't figure this one out.

James Yeomans BSc, MCSE

Does the user account in AD either allow dial in access or have it configured
to use RRAS policies? If so is the appropriate RRAS policy in place? You also
need to allow GRE (PROTOCOL (NOT PORT) 47) through your firewall.

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