Windows Vista WILL NOT play embedded Windows Media Player if content DOES NOT have TAGS



Here is the original post

Ok, here is the situation

Tried this on two fresh installs of Windows Vista Home Premium Edition

Using these URLS as a test (you have to log into the site to use these -

These two songs (they are MP3's playing via an embedded Windows Media Player
using classid="CLSID:6BF52A52-394A-11D3-B153-00C04F79FAA6)

will not play whatsoever. The error I have been able to find when attempting
to access the content is

Original Error Code: 80040218
Original Error Message: No combination of filters could be found to render
the stream

but then when playing this MP3

it plays fine with no problems

The webmaster sent me copies of the original two MP3s directly and they play
fine on the computer - so it is not the file

Also, when accessing these URLS from (tried all of these) Windows
XP/2000/ME/98 using some IE7 and others IE6, they all play with absolutely
no problems

Last when accessing these URLS from XP with Firefox 2.0 (with ActiveX
enabled) they all play fine. Cannot test firefox in Vista as cannot seem to
get the X-OLEOBJECT dll for firefox 2.0 to work

Anyone have any idea what can be causing this. Since it is on two different
models of computers with different hardware and both with Vista Home Premium
and everything works fine on computers not running VISTA, I tend to think it
is something of a bug with Vista/Vista Media Player


Seemed to figure out what is causing this.

The songs in the original 1st two URLs DID NOT have any TAGS (artist, title,
etc) and the last URL DID have tags.

The webmaster added tags to the 1st two URLS and now they play in VISTA

Here is another URL where there are NO TAGS

and the song DOES NOT play in Vista just as the others didn't before tags
were added

As it stands right now Windows Vista WILL NOT play embedded content in an
embedded Windows Media player if the content DOES NOT have any tags.

So the question is, how can you get Media Player in VISTA to play songs and
videos that are in embedded Windows Media Player on a webpage to play if
they DO NOT have any tags?

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