Windows Vista Sync Center - "Access Denied"



I have enabled offline files from Vista on my laptop to a network share.
While it works for most of the files (there may be 20 marked for offline use)
it gets stuck with an "Access Denied" on the same 2-3 files each time. Two
fustrating things then happen: 1) the files are not synced and I know that
they are not currently open by other users; 2) a number of TMP files start to
collect with each failed sync.

I can clear this problem by cutting the file from one directly and placing
it in another...and then putting it back...but this is tedious. I can
understand if Sync gets an "access denied" every once in a while because the
file is open...but it seems to get "stuck" and never leave that state.

Any help would be great.

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