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Stephen Charles Thompson

Why can't I access my conflicting sync'd files?

On my Vista PC I have marked two shared folders on my Windows Home Server
(WHS) as always available offline. I syncronized and then went offline.
While I was offline I uploaded two sync'd files that were modified to my home
server. I also updated my password on my same-named user account on both the
Vista PC and my WHS.

When I reconnected I syncronized again I was presented with two conflicts.
When I tried to resolve the conflict (by any of the three options) I was
presented with the error message: "The conflict could not be resolved ...
Access is denied." Since then I have also accumulated six errors, all of
which are offline files labeled "Access is denied."

I am aware of the other thread that explores the "Access is denied" error
message in Sync Center and they determined it was a permissions problem.
This problem is different.

When I view the effective permissions of these files on the WHS for my user
account the result is Full Control. When I try to view the Security details
of these files from my Vista PC it says "The requested security information
is either unavailable or can't be displayed." From my Vista PC I can create,
modify, and delete files in the same directory as the problem files.

Stephen Charles Thompson

Here is where it gets even crazier. When I try to access the problem files
while offline I also get "Access is denied".

Clearly the problem is on the Vista side not the WHS.

Anyone have a clue why Vista has quarantined these files? How can I regain
access to these files, if only to back them up to a removable drive?

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