Windows Vista Speech Recognition has Security Issues.


Windows Vista Speech Recognition has Vulnerabilities.

I was working on the internet with the Speech Recog service running
but in Sleep mode (not

listening ) and someone could take over my screen & attempt looking
thru my files. This

happened a few times untill I figured there was no intrusion happening
if the speech

recognition was completely off.

Is there a way to make it secure. or any preference or a setting that
could protect my system?

Thanks to Ray Kurzweil & Microsoft for this technology, now its
somebody else's turn to make it secure.


Windows Speech Recognition is disabled when the console is locked
(CTL-ALT-DEL). When the console is not locked SR control of the computer is
similar to keyboard/mouse access except that security dialogues can only
accessed by keyboard and mouse. Interestingly, though not a security design
point, speech differs from the keyboard, since over time Windows SR adapts to
the user's voice, which impedes others from commanding the system as
effectively as the profile owner.

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