Windows Updates is offering MS Office 2007 updates -> but I have Office2000 installed (?)



The ODBC driver wasn't important, but the general comments about
Office 97 were. Although that flew right over your head.
The ODBC driver is precisely the subject of that conversation you
cited. That apparently flew over your head.
You still don't get it. Office 97 has too many memory leaks.
Windows 98 itself also has memory leaks. Both when combined means
instability problems. And that is exactly what I had found too. I
don't remember if I ever ran Office 2000 under Windows 98 or if I
ever ran Office 97 under Windows 2000. If I did it was for just a
brief period of time and was forgotten. I can tell you though that
Office 97 coupled with Windows 98 was a disaster. And I do
remember that Office 97 and Windows 95 was even worse.
I must assume you never updated Office 97 to SR-2, which fixed most
problems. Too bad you had to suffer so unnecessarily.




BillW50 said:
In Nil typed:

Well I never stated that Office 97 updates are not available. Although
Glen made it sound like Office 97 updates could always be found at But that wasn't true since Office 97 was
around long before that site ever existed.
That site, was already in operation in 1997...
it was in operation through most of the life of Office 97. Here's just
a couple of the references to downloading an Office 97 service pack from
that site at that time:

Gee, wonder how they referenced the site if it didn't exist.... as I
said, you are just ranting.


BillW50 said:
In glee typed:

Really? I am running XP SP2 without any problems whatsoever. I also
Office 2000 without any problems whatsoever. I ran Windows 3.1 besides
few flaky drivers without problems. I am running Windows 2000 on a
netbook without problems. And I can go on and on. Any more delusions
want to tell us about Glen?

I did Glen, you just forgot and are delusional. But you rejected them
because you say they are wrong.

Where does it say Office 97 updates are found at at the link you had posted, Glen? I see
that Office 97 users can use, but nothing about updates. Are you
that incompetent?

Here, let me help your incompetence.

This is what looked like back in 1999. And it
shows a link to Office 97 SR2 and everything else is about up and
Office 2000. And the site didn't exist prior to February of 1998. So
where did you get your Office 97 updates from?

Didn't exist prior to Feb 1998? LOL.... silly man. was already in operation in 1997... it was in
operation through most if not all of the life of Office 97. Here's just
a couple of the references to downloading an Office 97 service pack from
that site at that time:

Still want to make up your own facts instead of dealing with the
reality? Tell me, how was the site being referenced to in posts in
mid-1997 if it didn't exist?


BillW50 said:
In news:[email protected],

Both Wikipedia and Ehow allow people to correct their content. If you
feel they are in error, feel free to correct them, no big deal.
Microsoft is also sometimes wrong, but Microsoft has no means for
somebody to correct their errors.

Wrong again.... Microsoft has had a link for feedback and corrections in
every one of their Knowledge Base articles for well over a decade, as
well as channels to contact support staff.

Office 97 was never updated through for one.
And I am looking at my Office 2000 CD and it says right on the jewel box. And Wikipedia says
exact same thing.

Office 97 was updated through that site since 1997. Your Office 2000 CD
jewel case mentions the site.... proving what exactly about Office 97?
Nothing. We already know and agree that the site was available for
Office 2K. It does NOT say on your jewel case that the update site was
not available for Office 97. The change for Office 2K was that the site
could auto-scan your computer for Office updates that were needed.

You've already stated in other replies that you "only know about Office
2000" because you didn't use other Office versions.... yet you continue
to argue what you don't know anything about. Give it up, you're just
embarrassing yourself.


Aug 19, 2012
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I've just registered in order to say thank you. Finally, I've found answers to what had been exercising me:
(1) I use Office 2000, which still serves me well. Do I really need to install the patches for 2003/2007 which seem to be regularly pushed in the auto updates?
(2) I've been remiss in updating Office 2000. As it's reached the end of the line, is there any way to find SP3 and subsequent patches?

Mind you, I have to say that the answers would've been a lot easier to find without having to wade through 5 pages (largely consisting of multiple "quote message in reply") in order to find the nuggets of info., assailed en route by posters taking snide pot-shots at each other. Gee, fellas. If you want a fight, go outside!

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