Windows Update redirects to Vista update URL on Windows XP PC.





JasonC wrote:
:: When running Windows Update on Windows XP Pro (either via the
:: Windows Update option in IE or Shortcut in start menu) user is
:: re-directed to the
:: ""
:: URL rather than the correct URL of
:: "".
:: This happens under multiple user profiles on this PC. The problem
:: originally presented on XP machine which has sp2 but an upgrade to
:: sp3 did not correct the issue.

See if this helps - Windows Update page says "Thank you for your interest in
obtaining updates from our site."
This means that your system is sending an incorrect data (about the
Operating System) to the Microsoft Windows Update server. Windows Update
uses the operating system information that the navigator.userAgent property
returns to determine if you are running a supported operating system.
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Tried all the options in the URL specified but none worked.

Initially the javascript:navigator.userAgent returned no string at all but I
was able to get it to return the following "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE
7.0; Windows NT 5.1)" by re-installing java and resetting IE settings.

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