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Jerry said:
I saw this link in a newsletter and am wondering if it is
legitimate. It is supposed to allow the user to update not
only xp, but any Microsoft software. It does required
installing a small program on your pc. Comments appreciated.

It appears to be legit but just to be on the safe side, try the
Run Windows update.
On the Windows update site look in the right hand side of the
web page for a box titled "News".
Click on the link "Upgrade to Microsoft Update. Automatically
receive updates for Windows, Office and more".
Click on the "Start now" button and follow the instructions.

For more information you can visit this site.



On 9/27 xp downloaded and installed two updates. Both of these were Office
Updates (Office SP2 and Outlook 2003 Junk email Filter). I don't use
Outlook, so that is unless install. It just made me curious where these
came from. Both show on Windows Update history.


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