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I have installed all my critical updates, including the WGA ones. The last
two days I noticed the little yellow shield and then it would go away without
telling me that my updates were ready to install. (I have it set to download
but tell me when it's ready.) Usually when that happens, I go manually and
get them. Then while I'm manually downloading, the automatic updates will
start downloading again too. Anyway, I didn't have time to do that yesterday
and was planning on checking into it today. However, when I shut down my
computer, the Turn Off icon was slightly different. It had a shield on top of
it, and there was a message that said to click on the Turn off icon to
install important updates to my computer and shut down or click on the text
to shut down without installing. Why did that happen? Why didn't windows tell
me that updates were ready to install and let me choose when and if to
install? I've seen this happen once before.


Hi JustMe,

Nope not just you. It happened to me, just yesterday. I clicked on
Shutdown and Windows Shut Down the computer after it finished installing the
program Hotfixes. No big deal, operating system works fine. Why worry about


It's happening to me today. Yellow icon in task bar shows downloading but
0%. Seems to freeze where I believe it's not making the connection with
internet. Can't get a reply from Task Manager to end task. Have changed
Update to notify me but not update Automatically.


Thought I had a problem with internet connection. Windows took a long time
checking for updates because there were 9 updates available for download.
My machine does have a good amount of memory and a great video card, but I
am running on a P3 933Mhz. Does take a while.

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