Windows Update and Daylight Saving Time


Rich Pasco

[Originally posted 2 Feb 2007; reposted to correct URL to my
step-by-step procedure]

Is there anybody else who is as mad as I am that Microsoft is
discontinuing Windows Update for Windows 2000, in a very thinly
veiled attempt at planned obsolescence to boost sales for Vista?

Perhaps the most visible effect will be on March 11, when the
new Daylight Saving Time goes into effect, but unmodified Windows
2000 systems will still be chugging along on Standard Time for a
few more weeks. Most lay people, who don't read this newsgroup,
won't have any idea what to do about it.

Windows 2000 can be fixed manually, but who's going to go to the

The Washington Post news clipping is here:

I put out a step-by-step procedure here:

- Rich




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