Windows Server 2003 fax problem


Shep Johnson

I've recently setup the faxing service on two different Windows 2003
Std. domain controllers (different domains, different locations) and
shared the fax printer but have the same problem on both.

I can send a fax from the server.

I can send a fax from a client computer if the user is a domain admin
and everything works as expected. The fax shows up in the outbox while
it's sending and moves to the sent items upon completion.

But with domain users the fax appears to go but nothing happens. It
never shows up in the fax console outbox or sent items. No errors are
logged either. I've read several posts about a domain policy issue but
this is something different.

I don't know if it matters but I think I installed the fax service
before promoting these servers to domain controllers.

Anybody seen this one?




I have the same problem. I'm running Win 2003 Server with
the latest updates. My server is a domain controller, and
is attached to two 3com modems. If i remove and reinstall
the fax service, it works for a few hours and then fails
to allow users to submit faxes. The Application log shows
the following:

Event type: Error
Event Source: Microsoft Fax
Event Category: Outbound
Event ID: 32091
Description: The fax was not submitted successfully
because a connection could not be made to the fax service.

The following error occurred: 5.
This error indicates the cause of the error.

Sender Machine Name: \\TEST.
Sender User Name: test.
Sender Name: test.
Number of recipients: 1.

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