windows picture and fax viewer



after I open a picture with this program the next time I use it to open an
email attachment I can scrool through and there are many pictures I do no
want to be seen. I delete them one at a time and then scrool through and
they are not there but if I use the program to open a picture in a sub folder
the next time I use the program all of the pictures that were associated with
that folder are again on the picture viewer.
How do I not save all pictures that the picture viewer has scanned through
so that if I open a document (fax or pict) with the program all of those
embarrassing pictures are not again able to be scroole through.




Ramesh, MS-MVP

Clear the Temporary Internet files cache, follow these steps:
1.. Start Internet Explorer
2.. On the Tools menu, click Internet Options
3.. Click the General tab
4.. Under Temporary Internet files, click Delete Files
5.. When you are prompted to delete the files, click OK

Ramesh, Microsoft MVP
Windows XP Shell/User

Windows XP Troubleshooting

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