Windows Messenger (not MSN Messenger) Help



Awhile back i started my computer (windows messenger wasn't set to
automatically sign on) and one of my friends started talking to me. After
awhile i think this problem got fixed but now its happening again, and if i
try to exit Windows Messenger it says "There are other applications currently
using featurres provided by Windows Messenger. You must close these other
applications before you can exit Windows Messenger. These applications may
include Outlook, Outlook Express, Msn Explorer, and Internet Explorer." How
can i fix windows messenger, or at least uninstall it?

Gerry Cornell

Close any of the named programmes which are running first. Does that
enable you to quit Windows Messenger?


Hope this helps.


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Stourport, Worcs, England
Enquire, plan and execute.
Please tell the newsgroup how any
suggested solution worked for you.


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