Windows 7 windows media player

Jul 23, 2009
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I have a laptop with windows 7 pro.The problem i have is that my car uses an sd card for music.I have used windows media player to copy a cd and then transfer it to the sd card in the past without problem.This has worked well but now it seems that when i connect the sd card wmp does not "see it ". It is recognised in my computer.If i try to sync it as i have seen in searches of the net it seems to see it but the selected disc does not transfer to it.This seems to have happened after windows updates were installed, i think. I have tried running a check on my system using a command prompt as administrator that i read somewhere (cannot remember what is was now)and it showed a problem with wmp that it could not repair.Would be very happy if someone could advise me of a cure for this or an alternative to wmp.

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