Windows Media Player problem



I just bought a new computer today. I set up Media Player as part of my normal first time procedures. It worked just fine. I turned off my computer and came back to it later to try and watch a DVD in Media Player. When I put the DVD in the drive the Window came up asking me what I would like to do when I inserted a DVD into the drive. I selected Media Player, but it never opened. I tried clicking on the shortcut on the desktop, but it still would not open. No error code, its just wont open. I looked at task manager, and it showed a process called winmplayer.exe running, or a name similar to that. I re-installed Media Player and it will open and work fine now. Is this going to be a recurring problem? What might be the cause?



Wesley Vogel

How to Check if DVD Decoder Software is Installed
By default, Windows XP does not come with compatible DVD decoder software
installed. To confirm if you have Windows XP-compatible DVD decoder software
on your system:

Start | Run | Type: dvdupgrd /detect | OK |

A Windows dialog box will open with identifying information about the
installed software. If No decoders found is displayed, no decoder is

Supported Software MPEG-2 DVD Decoders in Windows Media Player for Windows

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