windows Media Player Embedded causes problems



I'm trying to help my friend.

She has a laptop computer with Windows XP (with SP1 and now SP2) using BOTH
IE and Firefox and tried have a problem which occurs with Windows Media
Player 10 AND 11 Beta. The problem is that she is able to play views and
listen to music as a standalone player with NO PROBLEMS. HOWEVER when she
tried to view a Windows Media type video on a website (embedded), it shows
"loading...." and nothing happens. She then gets the dreadded

Windows Media Player has encountered a problem and must shut down.

It then shuts down ALL Browser windows and looses everything she was doing
in them and she has to reboot.

We uninstalled Windows media player and reinstalled it. Same problem. We
then tried Windows Media Player 11Beta and still same thing.

1. Is there perhaps a way to FORCE another player (ie. Realplayer) to view
embedded Windows Media Player type files embedded on websites?
2. What could be causing this?

Thanks very much for your help!


Open WMP,tools,options,on the first page in properties,chk the box "connect
to the internet" Then go to file type tab,select all button,apply,close out
Restart computer.

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