Windows Management Instrumentation Service Problem



Afternoon folks

I'm still having problems starting the WMI service, I've just booted my
server W2K SP4 DC
after applying a fix where you can delete the repository directory under
\winnt\system32\wbem in order to recreate any corrupted files.
This had no effect although the WMI Extension service is running.

So far I've discovered that anything under System Information in Computer
management wont work and returns the error "A network error occurred in
connecting. Ensure that your network connection is functioning properly" -
It is.

When I try to start the WMI service the error returned is " Could not start
the Windows Management Service on >server name< . The service did not return
an error. This could be a Windows system error or an internal service error.
Please contact your system administrator"

Is there any other way I can reinstall either WMI or WMI service again ?
Thanks in advance


I have the same problem on a WinXP machine. Before I impose the death
penalty and reinstall XP, I'd like to know the fix you're talking about
Martin. Do I just go and delete all the files under
%system%\system32\wbem\repository\ and reboot?


Thanks Martin. I deleted everything in the help. So I
just did a repair install. That fixed it!

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