Win2k server missing "Windows Management Instrumentation"

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I have several win2k servers (30+) and I've been having problems with
wmi on a few of our servers. Usually we just rebuild the wmi
repository and it fixes them but these few servers always seem to have
this same problem every month or two. This morning we just noticed
when repairing them, that their configuration is different from all the
others. The don't have the "Windows Management Instrumentation" or
"Windows Management Instrumentation Driver Extensions" services;
instead they just have a service called "Windows Management." We now
think this may be the problem of why WMI is contantly becoming corrupt
on these servers. All the servers (30+) are configured with the same
build (win2k SP4), but we can't seem to figure out why these have
different core services from the others. Has anyone seen this before?

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