WMI failures


Ken Manohar

Hi Good Day,

The WMI service hangs on a number of Windows 2000 SP4 servers when executing
tools which use the WMI service to gather data from the servers (For instance
the Exchange Best Practice Analyzer and ADRAP suitability test).

We have 56 Windows 2000 SP4 servers currently, and after executing these
tools, they report that a number of servers were unable to be contacted via

Manually restarting the WMI service fails, we have to kill the WMI process
and start it again. After doing this, the tools can successfully contact the
servers. However, it's a matter of time before the service fails again.

On one particular server, the service failed continously. We had to
rebuild/re-install the WMI repository. It works intermittently now. We have
not tried rebuliding the WMI repository on any other server.

Any help in resolving the WMI failures will be greatly appreciated!

Best Regards,

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