Best way to troubleshoot WMI connectivity issues


Saqib Ali

I am looking for some ideas on how to troubleshoot WMI connectivity
issues. We have some applications that connect to client machines
using WMI. But the connection is failing on some machines. I have gone
through the various steps (checking if WMI is running, turning off
hostbased firewall etc), but no love.

I tried to connect to the client machine using wbemtest.exe and I got
the following error msg:
Number: 0x800706ba
Facility: Win32
Description: The RPC server is unavailable.

I checked, and RPC service is running on the client.

Any suggestions?


Jeffery Hicks [MVP]

This is a continual problem. Using WBEMTest is the best approach. Can you
use WBEMTest locally on a server and do a query? Can you use WBEMTest and
remotely query a machine? In your case it sounds like, no. Is the remote
server behind any firewalls or routers that are blocking RPC ports? Do you
have name resolution? Can you ping the remote server? If all of that still
doesn't get you anywhere, there is a WMI troubleshooting tool you can
download from

Here are some other links that might help:

Jeffery Hicks
Microsoft PowerShell MVP

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