Windows Mail- Vista Address book



In my old Windows XP Outlook Express address book allowed me to put addresses
under headings like "Friends", Work", "Family", etc. The address book under
Vista does not have that feature. Has anyone figured out how to make Vista
address book more user friendly and put addresses in groups using Vista?



Not really.
WM has Groups, but those are mail lists.
You can create folders in the Contacts folder, but WM won't "see" them when
you click on the To: button. You can, however, use them if you open
Contacts, open your sub-folder, highlight the addresses you want, then
right-click, and select Action - Send Email


I am having the same problem and tried this. It does help but doesn't allow
the e-mail to be sent to more than one person is that correct? I tried to
add a second name and it created a new e-mail. I hope they can reinstate
this grouping feature.

Gary VanderMolen

The Groups feature works much better in Windows Live Mail.
You will see and be able to select a group after clicking on To.
Also, after a group is placed on the To line, you can expand it and
delete some of the members of that group. You can't do that in
Windows Mail.


If you are selecting contacts from a folder, hold down the Ctrl key, and
click on the contacts you want.

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