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I have just converted from Outlook Express on XP my PC to Windows Mail on
Vista on my Laptop.

The Contacts Address Book in Outlook Express used to open up in its own
window with a selection of groups and then addresses in those groups. Now in
Windows Mail it opens up the direct contacts and I don't know how to view
what group this contact is in.

As I have quite a few thousand contacts I put every contact in a group...
but now I cant view which group a contact is in without opening every single
group to check. On Outlook Express Address Book I could just open the
contact up and you could view the groups on one of the tabs.

Does anyone know how to view this or to change the viewing of the Address
Book in Windows Mail same as Outlook Express?



Thanks for your help, that information was helpful but unfortunately didn't
answer my question :-(

Surely there is some function that I can view what groups a contact is in
without actually having to check each group folder individually.

And also how to sort the contacts by group then by contact.

I wonder why they would put this in the old version but not the new


Sorry, I don't think Vista's Windows Contacts can do what you want.
Have a look at the tutorial:

Gary VanderMolen

Sorry, but Windows Mail doesn't have a function to check
a contact's group membership.

You can cause the Groups to list first through judicious naming,
such as 1Family, 2Friends, etc.

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