Windows contacts opens in picture mode



I imported my contacts from outlook express to windows mail (exported and
then imported in csv format from OE to mail (as directed on microsofts web
site) and my contacts are in the contacts folder but when I open contacts the
format is for pictures (top of window is organize, views, slideshow, burn
rather than organize, views, open, email, new contact, new contact group) .
This happen when trying to open contacts in mail or directly opening windows

Any ideas?

Gary VanderMolen

If the toolbar in Contacts doesn't have its normal icons,
then the folder type for Contacts is incorrect. To fix it:
Open Windows Contacts. Right-click somewhere in that
empty white space to the far right. Select Customize This Folder,
click the little triangle, and from the dropdown list select Contacts,
then click OK.

Mark Levitski

Vista insists on representing things as if you are using computers to play,
watch videos, music, etc.
It's by design.

It was meant to alienate business people and technical professionals. You
have to manually click views-->list, it may not remember and next time will
show Media view again.
Stupidity of this OS is unmeasurable.

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