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Today I got a pop up for a username and password to access my mail. What I
had written down does not work. so....i Have to go to Yahoo mail which I left
because of the set up and disgusting ads like rotten teeth and people's
cellulite rearends popping up when trying to read mail.
So - instead today, thought I could sign up for Windows live mail, which
took a lot of my time. However, I cannot get my main email account to be
accepted in Windows live - and by the way - is this going to cost me? I am
really hoping that Windows live will not be placing these same type of ads in
my mail or I won't use it either. I would really just like to get my Windows
mail back because it was perfect. Any suggestions.

Stephanie Morris

can anyone help me with recieving mail or sending mail my provider sever
host says incorrect

PA Bear [MS MVP]

To avoid confusion, please begin a new thread about your specific problems.
State your IE version and full Windows version (e.g., Vista SP1; Vista x64
SP2) in your first post.

Stephanie said:
can anyone help me with recieving mail or sending mail my provider sever
host says incorrect

Gary VanderMolen

If your Yahoo account is a free one, neither Windows Mail nor
Windows Live Mail can access it. US-based free Yahoo accounts have
webmail access only, no POP access. Windows Mail handles POP mail
but not Yahoo webmail. This is Yahoo's doing.
Yahoo's solution is to pay them for premium "Mail Plus" service:
and use the special settings for that service:

If you are OK with using a non-Yahoo email address, you have these other
solutions that will work with Windows Mail:
* Use the email address assigned to you by your ISP.
* Use a free Gmail, AOL, or Hotmail/Live account.

You can also continue to use Yahoo's webmail:
If you need more help with any of these solutions, just ask.

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