Windows mail is filtering emails into spam


Nat Nat

My work email address and that of my collegue is filtering emails as spam
from each other and known addresses. The mails are only showing up on the
spam email and are not appearing in my junk email folder. I have already
added senders to my safe senders list and have sent and received emails to
contacts up until a few days ago. I have also go to Junk email options and
options and selected No automatic filtering yet I am still having the same
Please could anyone please advise on how I can either turn the Spam filter
off or atleast correct this matter.

Gary VanderMolen

I don't understand your distinction between "spam email" and
"junk email". Windows Mail has a Junk E-mail folder, but no separate
'spam' folder. Do you have any anti-spam software installed?
Some versions of Norton security software include an anti-spam module.

The one thing that overrides everything else is the Blocked Senders list.
So make sure that list doesn't have anyone on it whose emails you do

Jon Harvey

Nat Nat, are you possibly using any sort of virus protection software which
also helps with emails? Some programs that didnt have it before, might have
it now and you didnt notice.

When you say spam email, are you receiving emails which "SPAM" in the
subject? If so, your ISP is the one who sets this, and you need to talk to
them, they sometimes can help slow down or try to attempt to slow down the
amount of junk we all get in our inbox, by doing this. It still allows some
iffy emails to come thru so that you dont miss important emails from friends.

Waiting for a reply to see what happens :->

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