Marked SPAM and it is not???



I have certain emails saved in my address book as safe senders and a message
rule made. But I still get mail I have requested marked as SPAM. My junk mail
options are set to no automatic filtering.
How can I stop mail I want and have signed up for as being marked Spam?


Its a feature of your anti virus / network security program, iether ammend
the setting in that program, or uninstall the AV, reboot, then reinstall
without the mail integration

PA Bear [MS MVP]

The SPAM filtering is being done on your account provider's mailserver, not
by Windows Mail.

Gary VanderMolen \(MVP\)

Windows Mail does not mark messages with the SPAM designation.
If they really are marked that way, something else is doing it:
either your provider's mail server or your third party security software.

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