Windows mail and windows live mail


Rich McDonald

I am using windows mail with Vista and want to set up an account with
Windows live mail. Can I set it up so I can receive my messages in both


Yes, you can access your email accounts using both programs.

If you are accessing IMAP accounts, then yes, that's what it was designed

If you are accessing POP3 accounts, then you can configure both programs to
leave the messages on the server after downloading, so both programs can
retrieve them. You can't get sent messages to show on both.
In Windows Mail:
Tools - Accounts - youraccount - Properties - Advanced
[x] Leave a copy of messages on server
[x] remove from server after xx days

PA Bear [MS MVP]

Windows Live Mail and Windows Mail are both Mail Clients. (There is no
"Windows live mail" account. Were you thinking of Windows Live HOTmail?)

You can access just about any email account (e.g., your (e-mail address removed) and
(e-mail address removed) accounts) in either Mail Client.

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