Windows Installer : Internal Error 2203



I am trying to install DeadAIM 4.5 ... I paid for it
legit and everything ... and during the installation I
get this error message :

Internal Error 2203
C:\WINDOWS\Installer\5982d81.ipi, -2147287035

and the installation never finishes. This happened when
trying to install my new Wireless Optical Mouse 2.0 and a
friend helped me get that installed and of course I can't
find that friend now. Any suggestions on how to fix?
[email : (e-mail address removed)] THANK YOU in


This may or may not apply - is DeadAIM approved for use in Windows XP?
There should be something about operating systems that the game is designed
to work with on the game package or somewhere in its documentation. Further
details can be found by running Help and Support and searching:

Sorry I couldn't be more help


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