Error 2203



I have a Vista 32 bit Business PC with iTunes installed. I received a
message from Apple that there is an update to iTunes and I opted to download
and install it. The installation errored out with error 2203. I do not
have nor remember the rest of the details.

I had a really had time uninstalling iTunes with the intention of
uninstalling and reinstalling but even the uninstall ran up against this
error 2203. I finally got it uninstalled but was then unable to reinstall
with any version - again error 2203.

I decided to wipe the disk and perform a clean install of Vista, including
Office 2007, and iTunes, my main products. Of course I also downloaded and
installed the various M/S updates for both Vista and Office.

I then wanted to install a new product, The Print Shop by Brouderbund and
that required dot net v1 and was supplied on the installation CD. Guess
what. upon installing the dot net v1, I got the error 2203, on this new

I've googled this and have come across many ideas and solutions, none of
which worked for me. Some of these solutions referenced some M/S pages and
talked about the Microsoft Installer. But, hmmmmmm, nothing from Redmond
officially about 2203.

Any ideas????




The product I was trying to install needed .net framework 1.1 and failed
with the 2203 error.

I find a solution that did not work - give my %temp% full permissions to


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