Windows Installer 3.1 Update v1 to v2 fails



Aim -- I want to upgrade from Windows Installer (WI) 3.1 V1 to V2.

Motivation -- WI 3.1 V1 can cause problems during Windows Updates (e.g.
installation of .NET framework or Visual Studio 2005 silently fails)

Problem -- WI V1 has version number 3.1.4000.1823, WI V2 has version
number 3.1.4000.2435. After download of V2 and seemingly successfull
installation of V2 and reboot the WI version still is 3.1.4000.1823.

Solution -- Any suggestions? Chewing on my keyboard doesn't help.


You mean Downgrade? Win XP needs Installer 3.1 while Win98 needs ver.

You can't because as soon as you go online, Windows update will install
the latest version automatically depending on how you have setup Windows
Updates. Version 3.1 is required to install software and patches
otherwise your system will be screwed up completely and you won't be
able uninstall programs easily.


I mean upgrade.

Everything is 3.1.

I have version 1 (v1 - 3.1.4000.1823) and want version 2


Thanks. Yep: very confusing.

btw: OS is Windows XP Pro SP2

I already went the main roads: I downloaded the file and tried to
install locally. Windows update didn't work either.

Something is rotten ...


I have the some problem. I also want to install visual studio 2005 but it
fails when installing windows installer 3.1 (v2). I tried also to install it
via windows update and offline, but it always fails. Also, when the windows
installer service is running i get a message to restard it so the instalation
can completed, but then it stops half the way and the computer restarts.
Please help!

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