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I have one single sub-folder in Windows Explorer which is not showing
all details when I look in it. It only shows the file name and the
size. All other folders show name, size, type, date modified. The
folder I'm having trouble with is a sub-folder to one that shows all
the proper information, and even has a sub-folder attached to it that
shows all the info. But this one folder only shows name and size, and
it's one I work with and need the info. Any idea what the problem
could be? I have "details" selected under View. Thanks.



first - under your Folder Options:
Have you chosen under View/Appearance (sorry, i´m from germany and use the german operation system so i don´t no everytime the exact english phrase used in the english operating system) to save for every folder it´s own viewing options - then some folders can appear different to others...

second - in the folder where you see your 'details':
what details to show have you selected under 'view' - 'choose details'; perhaps you have chosen not to show every detail in this folder...

maybe my hints will help you

kind regards


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