Downgrading from Windows 11

Aug 16, 2023
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I find I need to downgrade from Win11 Pro to Win10. Looking at various YouTube videos which show detailed processes, I'm confused. Some show a very simple method of downloading Win10 from Microsoft and installing it, after which all my files and apps will be in a Windows.old folder. Others show it to be much more complicated, involving buying a hard drive (I have about 1TB of files on my SSD) to back up before removing Win11.

I'd like an expert opinion before I make a stupid mistake. Can anyone advise me - preferably someone who has done this?


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Mar 5, 2002
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You wont be downgrading, you will be upgrading from Win 11 to Win 10.

You do not need any new hardware. You will need a copy of Win 10.

ALL your programes and saved data will be lost as you will have to perform a CLEAN install of Win 10.

... have fun!

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