Windows file Explorer keeps crashing or disappears


joe canner

Windows file Explorer keeps crashing or disappears

In Windows file Explorer when I open it to find a file after about 30sec
disappears. Are chashed out but the computer would still work only the

Windows Explore close. Same as i would do a search for anything,

I use ti notes it alot on the 5 driveer but noe its doing to anything

I am useing windows XP pro I have had the same setup for a some time now I
dont know why this would happen now.

I have a abit motherboard a ati aiw vid card.
I have 2 maxtor and one wd.
The maxtor came with a 133 pci card The boot drive is 40gig the next is a
90gig the other is a 60gb
And yes there all pluged in to the 133 pci card
and all the drivers NTFS. And the dvd drive is hooked
uo to the same thing 133 pci card


Hi there me is Ibraham, am IT. Try to clean ur computer from bad programs
like GATOR and Bonzi ... u can use SpyBot u can download it from www.spybot its free. (and am sorry if my english is not clear)
Jun 7, 2007
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hi guys i have a similar prob with with windows explorer but mine is also to do with Data Execution Prevention i've carried out disk scans spybot searches de-frags and so on but all to no avail. i have disabled the DEP but im sure thats not the best solution to that part of the error, and now windows explorer just crashes instantly but it only seems to happen when i open my documents can any one help please???????

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