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I'm having enourmous problems getting my windows explorer view to look as I
want it. Plain and simple, I don't want all the fancy tags, ratings, etc. I
want my explore windows to show this:

The folder layout I’m looking for is for ALL folders on all of my hard
drives, no matter what the content to show only “Filename†“File Size†“Typeâ€
“Date†in view mode I want it set to Details. Similar to XP. Simple stuff.

What I've been doing to TRY to accomplish this is - while in windows
explorer - I set my view mode as I want it – as I stated above, I go to
"organize", then I go to View, click Apply to all folders. This time I tried
unchecking ‘remember each folders view settings’ then I clicked apply and I
still wasn't able to accomplish my goal.

I'm sure there is a simple way to accomplish this. Any help would be great
appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help!


Oh man! I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart! this has been
driving me to want to drink since I started with Vista. :) ha ha I really
appreciate your time and effort Ronnie!

Ronnie Vernon MVP


Your welcome, glad this helped, and thanks to Shawn for making this website

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