Simple Marketing Campaign Question


P Fruin

Using a Marketing Campaign, I want to send a MS Word mail-merge document to
about 30 people at a time and I can’t figure out how to do it!

Here’s what I did:
1. Created a Marketing Campaign
2. Created a list using All Business Contacts (1,343 contacts)
3. Clicked Review and Filter button, and using the Advanced Filter tab, I
filtered these to a Category with 392 contacts in it.
4. Unchecked all the boxes and selected the first 30 contacts I want to send
the information to. (I’m doing 30 at a time so there is not a long lag time
between the e-mail they receive and my follow-up telephone call.)
5. Doing this brings up a dialog box telling me “You have excluded more than
300 records. Revise your query using the Simple or Advanced filter.â€

I just want to send this to 30 people at a time - that I choose from a
larger list that already exists (I DON’T want to have to create another
“groupâ€, “categoryâ€, “filterâ€, “list†or whatever you want to call it, to do
this!). Can you tell me the easiest and most straight forward way to
accomplish this?


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