Windows Explorer won't Open



I suddenly have an issue with Windows Explorer. I say "suddenly" because
everything was working fine one day and then not working about a week later
(I don't use this particularly PC a lot).

The problem is this: when I click on My Computer, My Documents, My Pictures
or Control Panel, Windows Explorer will not open. There is a slight pause
and then the desktop refreshes. That's it.

I can move, copy, delete, and rename files through Word and Excel, but I
cannot get any response from Windows Explorer itself. I've checked Task
Manager and explorer.exe is one of the running processes. I've rebooted, and
Windows Explorer still won't work.

The only thing that happened on my PC before Window Explorer stopped working
was a automatic Windows Update and an automatice HP Update for my new
wireless printer.

Any suggestions on where to look first would be appreciated. I've been
searching for ideas but haven't found a prior post on this or other forums
for this problem.


one suggestion I have is to
view and analyze the issue
with performance via safe

reboot and hold down the
f8 key so that the diagnostic
boot menu will pop up and
provide your with the safe
mode options.

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Just D.

Try to get and analyze a system error log, it can help you to get a
corrupted system lib.


Could you be a little more specific? I know how to get an error log when I
get an error message, but not when I'm not getting any response at all. What
application/tool do I need to run to get a system error log in this situation?

Just D.

Administrative Tools => Computer Management => Event Viewer => then
Application, Internet Explorer, Security, System,.. Try to find something
that could give you a hint.

You can also try to reproduce this error and get to the error log again to
get the difference between BEFORE and AFTER. Finally the double click on the
appropriate live should give you a little more details.

Just D.

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