Windows Defender



I have downloaded and installed Windows Defender. My problem is when the
scan starts it will run for a while and then I get a message box stating.
Unexpected error ox8050800c check for windows updates and try again. I
checked windows updates, All are up to date.Ran program and the same message
keeps popping up. It comes up at different times in the scan . Examples
System32dvdplayer.exe, wow.exe, notepad.
Ihave run virus scans etc. nothing helps. Any suggestions?



Bill Sanderson

Has the program been updated to the latest definitions before starting the
scan? Do you see 1.13.1276.3 as the version at the bottom of the home page?

I think that I've seen notes that the scan may fail with an error message if
the update comes in during the scan--not sure that is your issue.

Bill Sanderson

I think this one is explained by Mike Treit. Check the details of the
detection, perhaps via the System Event log entries. You will probably find
that there is an .arj, or others--involved. Windows Defender
won't delete such an archive because it might contain valuable uninfected
data as well as the spyware.

Alternatively--other areas that can't be cleaned include the System Restore
store, and the quarantine locations of some antivirus vendors--check the
path listed for the threat to see whether it is that issue.



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