Windows Defender Problem



I have Vista Business 64 and about two days ago the security center can no
longer detect any antivirus software on my computer. I have Norton Anti-virus
2007 and I never have any problem with it until two days ago. Also I am
unable to turn on windows defender. Everytime I click the turn on now button,
windows defender would search for new definition and stops there. I tried
running winmgmt /verifyrepository as admin but the WMI repository is
consistent. What else can I do to get the annoying security center message to
go away?

p.s. I have two media servers running on my computer and those two servers
can no longer be detected by other computers ever since the security center
popped out.

Bill Sanderson

Have you tried repairing Norton Antivirus 2007? Not sure where that option
would be--I would expect either in its help menu choices, or in the Vista
control panel - Programs.

Is Norton able to update, and do scans? Have you updated it and run a
complete scan of the machine?


Norton runs completely fine. I am able to update scan and everything. I also
did a full scan of my computer and nothing was wrong.

Bill Sanderson

That's good--I would still try the repair operation, to see whether it will
re-register with the security center properly. However, I'm not sanguine
about the probable result. I have a similar situation on a couple of
machines, involving removal of OneCare (long ago) and replacement with
Forefront client security---and I've yet to figure out how to solve it, or
even where to ask!

Since this is a significant security issue--the security center is telling
you that something is wrong, even though, in all probability--nothing of
significance is (I know that Forefront is doing its job--I get prompts!)--I
would recommend calling 1-866-pcsafety if you are in the U.S. or Canada, or
the local number (if available) for paid support from Microsoft, if
elsewhere. Ask for the free support for security patch issues or virus

I think this issue falls into that category, which has free support--it
seems worth trying, anyway. If you are able to go this route, please let us
know how it goes?


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