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Canadian Free Spirit

I've been having a problem for a couple weeks. I get reports that Windows
Defender is out of date. I click for updates, but the process doesn't
complete, and I get a message that there are no updates.
I use Webroot antivirus, which says that it's working, but that it's
reporting to Windows Defender, "in a format that is no longer supported.".
can anyone help me with this? it's driving me nuts.
thanks all.


Please click the clock icon in the lower right corner of your desktop and
follow the wizard to set your Time Zone properly. If you need further
instructions, please post back.

Also, check what Internet Time server you are using for synchronization. -
changed it - to or

Please confirm your system clock, and Time Zone also the Date are set
Having it set incorrectly can cause this type of behaviºr.

Bill Sanderson

Webroot antivirus does not report to Windows Defender.

It DOES report to the Windows Security Center, which is what is giving that

For your definition problem with Windows Defender, I would suggest going to
the Security Portal and downloading the definitions from

About the Security Center message, I'd like to know whether your machine is
completely up to date on critical security patches--I.e. if you go to
Windows Update, is anything offered?

Generally--you may need either an update to Windows, or to Webroot
antivirus, or both, to resolve that message from the security center.

I can assure you that the message does not (necessarily!) mean that webroot
is not protecting you--just that it isn't communicating with the Windows
Security Center.

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