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Dear All,

I have windows XP professional SP2.

I Installed Windows OneCare Trail before 25 days, and yesterday I deleted it.

Now I want to Install Windows Defender, BUT I can't Install it.
The following message will appear when I want install Windows Defender:
Microsoft Windows OneCare Live has been found.
Please remove that product and rerun the setup.

What I do ?
Please tell me a way to install Windows Defender.

Also I want to tell you that; there is a file that related to Windows Live
OneCare which is : Windows_OneCare_Evt.evt , I can't delete this file (which
is located in the following path: C:\WINDOWS\system32\config).

Thank you very much


D/L & Install Ccleaner

Note, uncheck Yahoo toolbar during instªll.

1.- Use the belt-and-suspenders mode. Make a Restore Pºint.

2.- Reboot into safe mºde

3,- Run CCleaner
Do the scans with all the check marks ºn., on all 3 settings(windows,apps &
issues) and clear anything found reboot and see if it still exists.

NOTE - The first time you run CCleaner's Issues scanner you'll have to keep
running it back-to-back until it finds nºthing.

One scenario is a registry key may only be a reference pointing to a
completely different location in the registry and when it's removed then that
reference link is also noticed as being invalid on a subsequent scªn.

It's generally a good idea to keep running the Issues scan until nothing is

4.- Exit Safe Mode (Rebººt)

I'd recommend re-downloading WD, and saving to a known location--like the

After the download is complete, disable real-time protection by your
antivirus for long enough to do the installation. please disable or turn off
as much other software that always runs as you can--real time antivirus
scanning, any other antispyware software, (Stop all programs that are open in
the bottom taskbar) etc.

I hope this post is helpful.

Let us know how it works ºut

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Bill Sanderson MVP

Check in the OneCare html support forums--they have an executable that will
do cleanup and get rid of any remaining traces. Have you rebooted since you
uninstalled OneCare?

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