Windows Defender and Microsoft Security Essentials



It seems once Microsoft Essentials is installed on Windows Vista Basic, that
it turns off or enables Window Defender? Windows Defender is no longer
needed, it would have been nice if this information was made available either
on the Windows Defender or Mission Essentials Homepage. Would have cleared up
alot of the confusion about the compatiability of Windows Defender and
Mission Essentials. It seems the answer to the problem is very simple either
run Windows Defender or Mission Essential but not both at the same time!!!
Is this correct???



This is not a .net programming question and is, therefore, off topic here,
but to answer your question: Yes you should only run one antimalware product
(of the same type) in order to stop multiple antimalware services from
accessing the same file at the same time and impacting on the response of
your system.

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