Windows Defender and Microsoft Security Essentials.


Mike Holden

I have just installed Windows 7 Home Premium and Microsoft Security Essentials.
Do I need to install Windows Defender as well?

Tim Clark

Mae, while your post was first and had more detailed information it did
not show up in the webview of this newsgroup. There seems to currently
be a problem with NNTP (Newsreaders) posts appearing in the webview of
the forums. There fore I am guessing Mike Holden has not seen your
reply. I would repost your reply in the webview but as CE has given a
reply which I think covers it will let it go.

AT ALL: Please be aware that your helpful replies to questions that are
originally posted by users in the webview are likely not going to be
seen by them if you reply using NNTP.

If you want a quick way to see if the orignal post was made using the
webview you may point your browers here:

Hopfully this problem will be fixed by MS soon.

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